Nature, Natural Parks & Nature Attractions in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura was declared by Unesco as a World Biosphere Reserve for all of its island territory and its surrounding waters. There are many beautiful natural monuments and parks, rural areas and landscapes to discover and explore for nature lovers. There are also a variety of plants and indigenous fauna of immeasurable value in Fuerteventura. You may discover the unique places of the island on foot through the network of paths that cover the island, on bicycle, on jeep safari or on the back of a camel.

Below you may find the popular attractions and activities in Fuerteventura for the nature lovers.

Nature Attractions, Natural Parks in Fuerteventura for you...

  • Fuerteventura Beaches

    Fuerteventura has the biggest and best beaches in the Canary Islands archipelago. Fuerteventura can be considered as an beach-island with more than 150 km. of beaches, virgin and remote beaches, beaches with all types of facilities and services, beaches in charming fishing villages, beaches to practise your favourite water sports and more...
  • Natural Park on the Lobos Island across Corralejo

    Lobos Island is located towards the northern end of Fuerteventura along Corralejo. The natural park on the Lobos Island is separated from the island by a small body of water and the natural park is home to very valuable habitats such as the endemic evergreen (Limonium ovalifolium canariensis). It is also a special protection area for birds.
  • Corralejo Natural Park in Corralejo

    Corralejo Natural Park has beautiful sand dunes and the area itself makes up an exceptional landscape containing the habitat for numerous species adapted to the desert. The natural park is a special protection area for birds.
  • Jandia Natural Park in Jandia

    Jandia Natural Park has about 15,000 hectares of surface area and hosts the majority of the island's endemic species. The natural park is very spectacular with its virgin landscapes, the beautiful Cofete Beach and the beautiful sand dunes The natural park is a special protection area for birds.
  • Betancuria Rural Park in Betancuria

    Betancuria Rural Park is made up from a beautiful landscape that is formed by valleys and ravines, massive boulders and plants. The rural park contains ocean sediment and extinct marine fossils of immeasurable scientific value. The rural park is a special protection area for birds.
  • Jeep Safari

    Jeep Safari in Fuerteventura is one of the most popular outdoor sports activities. Typical 4x4 jeep safari is made through the southern villages, the coast, the famous Villa Winter and Cofete Beach at the southern Fuerteventura and Corralejo to Cotillo at the northern Fuerteventura.

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Nature Tours from Fuerteventura

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